“We were still looking” – |19|

Us at, sweetly in silence. We were, still enjoying, feeling our bodies set free that sensation, and our bodies were still merging one with another, and that emotion still wrapping us, and the only thing i could see, was your wonderful smile that it formating itself on your face, while i still moaning for the last contraction that, uniting us, slowly was vanishing inside our bodies.
That last contraction was crowned by an your delicate kiss, while your hands were caressing all my body, and i left you do. 
It seemed we had given the welcome to the sun that shyly, was illuminating that cold room.
In an instant, everything seemed much beautiful, and even that storage room seemed had taken new shades.
We hadn’t still spoken, and it seemed we hadn’t no need, but gently you ave taken my clothes and you have started to help me to wear them.
Trought the squared window, we could see the blue sky, and its light was investing us, and it seemed, that our half naked bodies, gave back part of our lights to the sky, and we were inside a kind of white spiral, and everything this, has ended, when we were completely dressed.
You have helped me to wear my clothes, and i’ve done the same with such delicateness, that you remained enchanted by what i was doing. I sighed you to stand in front of me, when you had still the pants unfastened. Slowly i got up putted myself in front of you, and without taken off my glance to, you was immovable, i taken the zip, and really, really slowly, i reached to the top, while we looking at us, and you have kissed me passionately.
That seemed containing the latest gesture of the love we as soon have had done, and that gesture seemed, even, block every our emotions, that we had feeling in that act.
You was breathless, and everything was going so slowly. 
I said “seemed had blocked”… 
For a lasting minute, we remained one by side another, looking at the blanket on the floor.
As if we wanted us shake from those emotions that were continuing us to hammer the heads, you said me “Let’s go”, and i taken your hand
As soon out from that storage room, we had found a bustle, even in that solitary and dark  alley.
Beyond the beautiful Chameleon woman there were another reptiles creatures, who were asking what was going on. Those grunts that being part of the buzz of the city, now seemed real laments of pain, and everything around seemed mixed. 
In someways, it seemed, that someone had changed the cards on the table.
Out from that dark alley, a glimmer of light has invested us, and from far we could hear the thunders and see some lightenings in distance.
Behind our shoulders, we had the unmetionable Grey Zone. It was still as we rembembered it: devoid of anything and a thud stroke our hearts. While in front of us the main boulevard of Blue City was filling itself of the new inhabitants: from several groups of werewolf, fascinating human beings mixed with feline race, tiny beetle that in an instant after could put themselves in front of you becoming bigger than you, other Rhinos, and really few human being: you could count them on the fingers, and everybody were in confusion. Seemed, the didn’t know where to go. Some of them stopped in front of us without speaking, but in their eyes, we could see their  fear to don’t know what was going on.
We looked at us, without without to know what do. 
We returned on our steps, and returned to the Blll local, where Lizard was waiting for us, at the entrance, making us enter, smiling us, he said us:”You have started with a bang!”
We have looked him and we entered. The group of Rhino was already there, and the leader has squared us, putting us a bit of  awe. But when Bill arrived he whispered us:”He’s great big, but he wouldn’t make hurt, not even an ant”. We laughed.”


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