Here you are

My tangle is begining, and my head is receiving little eletric shocks, and our connection is begin. I feel your arms around me, wrapping my belly, and i can feel your words, i shy smiling at you.
It’s  wonderful, that you want excuse you. Don’t worry. Now, our connection is strong. My soft punch in the stomach it’s present, and now my head is spinning, like never before.
You are came, as soon, you set free yourself. Maybe i will be crazy, but i feel  everything, and now i feeling, you are close to me, caressing my hips, and i feel your breathe surrounding me. 
We breathe at unison.
You spin me toward you. We remain breathless. Our hand softly touching. 
Your whisper leave me still more without the breathe. I feel myself chocking, and i can’t hold back my emotions. Even me i would stay, so.
I feel your embrace, that is tightening me stronger. I feel your heart beating hard. Mine is about to explode.
Let’s remain wrapped in that silky emotion. Let’s make explode our hearts at the same moment, looking us at in silence, just touching us delicately, whispering us what we are feeling.


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