“We have sleeping” – |18|

All night embraced tight one close another, while outside the rain was fallling hard.
Occasionally the lightenings seemed enter in that storage room and they illuminating the little and obscure room. That game of lights seemed strokes us, while we remaining asleep.
That thunderstorm was lasted all night, till the first ray of sun appeared in the horizon, clearing the grey sky and moving away the roars of the thunders.
The first who has opened the eyes, that was me and i was still cruched in your chest. 
Your breathe and the perfume of your skin, and the skin itself, were the most sweet and sensual things that i could feel and touch in those instants.
Without make  you wake, delicately, slided my hand inside your shirt and i putted it on your heart, and then i leaned my face on your bare skin.
For a long minute, i have believed to feel our souls merge themselves still one more time, still in stronger way. In those seconds you was opening the eyes and in a sigh you have whispered my name. I lifted my face and our eyes were meeting.
Without adding nothing, slowly, i unfastened your shirt, and i made it slide still more, till uncover one of your shoulder, and delicately you have putted me above you holding my hips.
You have started to kiss my belly, and one by one, my clothes flew away.
The big blanket was fallen on the ground, and there that you wanted me. 
You have accompanied me softly there. Me naked layed on the blanket, and you stand in front of me, while a white light was illuminating, while you was taking off the pants, and the shirt remaining over your shoulders. I was stretching my hands toward you, as in awaiting to feel your skin against mine. 
Instead you have layed by my side, and for a moment you have stared me profoundly, and your hand have started caress delicately my little body. First my face, then the breast, the belly, at the end you stopped at my hips, it has been here that you have whisper me “Close the eyes, and let do, to me”. 
Slowly when i was closing the eyes, the last thing i saw has been your sweet smile. 
After less a second your lips leaned on my mine and your kisses filled me till one finger, sweetly has started to touch my legs, and slowly it have opened  them, just little a bit for enter inside me. As soon i felt it, i have opened the eyes and i stared at you, begining to moan.
You had at your mercy the most beautiful creature who was about to blooming under your eyes. 
Among the finger that was becoming more get wet, and my moans, slowly but firmly, you have prepared the ground to enter with such roughness that i screamed in a sigh.
Roughness that i loved, till it has become a sweet thrill along all my back.
Now we were looking at us, and your desire was becoming bigger, and the movements increased always more. 
Yes, we were about to reach the maximum pleasure, when i taken a flap of your shirt, and i approached you to me and you have started to kiss me wildly, while we reached the pleasure, and our breathes, as our bodies and souls were merging one in another, and our contractions made us go crazy.”


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