Tell me are you

Feeling it too. Our connection is growing surrounding us always more. Our heads are exploding at the same moment, and our tangle is interwinning with our souls. 
Your emotions are chocking me inside, and everything around me is becoming floating, and slowly i can feel your hands surround me. 
The universe is saying me something to whichi didn’t wanted believe it, but everything it’s conducting me to you.
Everything is spinning around us, and despite we are so far, we are approaching us in an incredible way.
And that thin thread has becoming always bigger, and it bonding us, from the stomach to the brain.
When i feel the eletric shocks crossing our minds, i hold back the breathe and i ask myself “What are thinking about me?”. Each time happens, my heart beats like a crazy, and i’m not going crazy, because i know you’are feel the same too.
We throwing away the air from the lungs at the same instants.
We are thinking us, and our connection is here now. We feel it.



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