“While we returned” – |17|

We could feel still in the air the effects of our emotions spreading in whole Blue City.
Despite we were in that dark and isolated alley, we hearing the inhabitants asking what it was what they feeling around and inside them. 
Never something like this has happened in Blue City history, never after the defeat of The Nothing.
That tracks were arrived till the big hovel and empire of Zora.
Her empire wasn’t only a cold and obscure cavern digged among the city sewers, among leaking pipes and the continuos sound of falling water drops in little flows of water below, and the only source of light were little holes digged among the rocks, and the light that entering drawed stranges light games that occassionally, interwinning among them, and the echo of the sound of the water resounding among those dark rocks.
She was sit on her black stone throne in front of a little mirror of water that then it was dividing itself in two parts. From the right part it was going toward the illuminated part, to the left it going the darkest part.  
She was sit on that throne, and she seemed being part of the throne itself. 
She wore a dark dress, and she was staring the slow flow of water, when even her, was been invested by those strange atmosphere, that liitle by little, was covering the Blue City.
Her silent empire, was interrupted by the great noise of the leader of that strange kind of rhino.
“What’s hell are you doing here!”. She got up and she looked him at with fury. 
He was shaking, trying to explain what was happened in that local. “We were choking. Something invisible has invested us. I was sure to die, if i didn’t come out”.
Her scream, still was resounding in that dark place as an earthquake, while the words of the rhino made a kind of soundbox, making everything seems more terrific than how it was.
When she got up, she had revealed her real aspect. She was real tiny, thin, and her face was reflected on the little water mirror, and it was pale, and in her  eyes it could see, a sort of sadness merged with a sane mix of dissatisfaction from everything was surrrounding her, even for who she had in front. 
Slowly, and dissatisfied for what she as soon, heard, she silenced the rhino, and she asked him:”Who were in the local beyond you and your thugs?” The beast replied her immediately: “Bill, the Lizard and two human beings: one guy and one girl. Nobody special”
In her glance was growing always more the anger. She approached to the mirror of water and she make appear our faces. “Are these persons?” In Rhino face was appearing a bit of discomfort, and just when Zora stared him at, he nodded her.
She returned to sit on her throne, and in  whisper she sighed:”Only them were been capable to defeat The Nothing”, and while she was saying these words, she vanish. The beast looked himself around at, and he remained there dazed. Then the Zora voice resounding in the cavern. 
“Get back to the local as soon as possible, die in it if you need to, but come back!”
In meanwhile, we returned in that storage room, and delicately you have leaned me on the camp bed and you have covered me with your jacket. You have smiled me, and in a sighed said me “Wait, i try to look for a blanket in those boxes” – “They were been great emotions what we have felt earlier” i sighed while you have said “Finally here it is”  pulling out a big blanket from one of the latest cardboard boxes that you have checked, and slowly i putted me a bit more by side the wall, while you was laying wrapping me with that cold blanket in your arms. 
We sighed at the same time, and your lips leaned on mine, and delicately we fallen asleep.
A thunder resounded, i shaked, and you have tighted me strong, whispering me delicate words.”


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