I’ve opened

The eyes, because i have felt you tight me strong my belly, as if you want anchor yourself to me. My love we are united by a force stronger than universe. 
Now i feeling you hold me against you, and your breathe is wrapping me and i can feel your words and they are penetrating me inside. My tangle in the stomach is growing fast, and despite i wear something heavy, i can feel your soft shirt touching my skin, and this making me crazy. 
You are looking me at, and just with your glance, you are capable to express me what you’re feeling.
You’re saying me something that i’m only me can decipher.
Our connection is going beyond, it’s crossing something bigger than we can imagine, slowly, we are starting to understand and it is scaring us a bit, but it is so.
Everything this is born from a dream and it is continuing with your emotions and now also thoughts that are running cross my mind, and only me, i can really understand you.
They were thoughts that slowly, were entering inside me, and little by little, are becoming real. 
Despite our distance, we are really communicating: i feel your thoughts, and you feeling mine, and that tangle in the stomach are our souls and we can feel our hearts beating at unison. They seem are about to explode at the same instants, and maybe they are doing it for real. I can’t hold back my emotions. A tiny tear i getting wet my face. 
I can feel your soft finger that is drying it. 
Our glances meeting and we remaining, so. Enchated by who are seeing and by what we are feeling. One of the greatest feeling that till now has wrapped us. 
My head is spinning, slowly we taken the flight. 
Delicately we are reaching Our Parallel World, where we can make  live our sensations.
Just a whisper is flying in the air. 
“I love you much”



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