“Slowly” – |16|

Everything around us became floating, also the rhynos realized that something was happening, and they has stopped to laughs, and got up looking them at around, trying to understand what was happening. They gripped in their strange paws a sort of cudgel and they brandished it in air, as if they could get away that strange atmosphere that was wrapping them.
We looked at them, as if we knew what we were doing, but even us, were surprised by what we were feeling in those instants. 
A spiral, had enveloped everything and everybody inside of that local, and everything came out from us. Our hearts were beating strong and their beats, resounding around inside the four walls.
The Lizard moved himself away from us and he went next to Bill, who was behind the counter, enchanted by what was happening inside his local.
For the very first time, he saw the real fear in the eyes of the real owners of the local, and when he understood that we were us to unleash that force, he remained more fascinated than before.
The group of those strange rhynos, were still stand, and they still looking at around. Someone of them whispering to the leader, suggesting to go away. 
That atmosphere didn’t wanted leave away. 
What was creating everything, were our hearts, and our feeling and our little eletrick shocks that crossing from a mind to another, and more our emotions were growing, more that atmosphere was becoming chocking for the rhynos, and it could see in their big faces. Their grey skin was fast changing color. Someone of them was really chocking and he went out away from the local, leaving there, the others confused, who were fighting against an invisible force.
After a bit, the leader decided to leave. Even him, as much as he was the sturdier, he was surrendering himself. 
“Let’s go!” he said to the others who coughing, trying to take again breathe. 
He stopped in front of Bill. He looked at him, and with his hoarse voice, he said him:”We will back, don’t worry, we will back! Lizard keep an eyes on those there”, and then he launched us a rapid gaze. Lizard nodded. 
When he left the local with the followers, Bill assured himself that night noboby else would have knocked at his door, and he closed the local with the usual WE’RE CLOSE FOR MAINTANCE signboard.
When we, inside the local, were sure that noboby else would be enter, have taken a long breathe, and slowly, Bill sat next to us, and he remained for a minute in silence to stare us, while Lizard remained stand close Bill chair.
A tiny tear got wet my cheeck, and i was feeling myself chocking from inside and every these emotions were surrounding around us. 
You was looking at me, keeping my hand in your, delicately i dived myself among your arms.
“What i saw tonight exceeded every story i heard about you and The Nothing… your emotions…” Bill were able to say just only these few words. Then Lizard ended with:”Since when Zora has has placed here those energumens, nobody has been able to move away them, and now you’re come, and you done this. What we have saw tonight has something of very powerful.”
I remained in silence, while you was whispering something of The Nothing. You was rembembering as much has been hard defeat it, facing up to all our fears, and now, maybe, we would have to face it once again, hoping that Zora and her followers were less strong than The Nothing itself.
At the end, each of you looked at me, and you have sighed: “She’s tired”. In a whisper Lizard said:”If you want, you can come at my apartment.” You have looked me at, but just with the glance you have understood, that i would have prefer return in that storage room, alone with you. “Thanx, but we prefer remain alone, that storage room it’s ok”
Softly you taken me among your arms, and slowly we returned at the end of that alley, where the storage room was waiting for us with its red light that crossing it.”


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