It’s from

The other day, that i feel your closiness in a strong way. When i open the eye i feel your arms wrapping me delicately, as if you want protect me, and our eletric shocks crossing from a mind to another and when i spin myself i find you next to me, and your  sweet smile overwhelms me, and it enter inside me, making growing the tangle i have in the stomach. 
Despite you are distant from me, in someway i know you are by my side. 
My fingers are shaking on this keyboard, and more i feel you, more your arms tightening me against your chest, and your whispers are little enchantements.
Our eyes are meet for a moment, and for an instants i look down. 
Our hearts are beating at unison. 
You take my face, delicately lifting it up. You are in silence, looking at me. 
A tiny tear fallin from my face. You dry it gently with the finger. 
We are approaching  till our faces touching.
Your eyes dive in mine, and sweetly we starting to dance in our apartment.
Your hands sliding on my little body to stop at the hips. I feel you are tightening them delicately strong. In those instants our breathes merging one with another, and kindly your lips leaning on mine.
From that kiss, we start to take the flight. 
We still continue to kiss, and we entering in a magical spiral. 
White and soft like my dress, and it wrapping us like in a delicate cloud.
Inside we intewinning us and we are going in Our Parallel World.
You tightening me more against your body, and slowly our souls are merging, and slowly we becoming what we are destined to be.


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