Since when i opened

The eyes that i feel your closiness. Your hands surround my belly and my heart is beating like a hammer, all this floating atmosphere is wrapping me with you. 
Our minds are in communication trought our slow eletric shocks. 
I can’t swallow. You are tightening me always more.
You are taken me and you hold me toward your chest. 
Our eyes meeting. 
We remain us in silence. Only our feelings speaking, and they making explode our hearts.
You approaching me always more. 
I leave ajar my mouth. I’m blushing, beacause i feel your closiness always more, despite our real distance, and i can hear in distance your whispers.
I can feel your hands around my hips, and if i close the eyes, we take the flight toward Our Parallel World.
I can feel your lips leaning on mine and your kiss stop everything inside me for a second, but then it delicately restart again.
“Look at me” you say me with your deep voice. 
I remain breathless. In your eyes i see your soul. The most beautiful i saw in a man
And that man is you, and our minds are in continuos connection.
We are saying us little phrases that make our hearts go crazy.
Little by little we are always more approaching us, even without realizing us. 


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