“Looking us ” – |15|

At around, we asked ourselves, who were that tired creatures of that incredible game of fear, and right after entered the lizard, who was smoking under the street lamp spot. He looked us at for a second and he went at counter to order a drink. An evanescent liquid that at each sip, it was changing color. Bill without, not even, take his order, knew what he would have taken.
We were still interdict, for what he said us before, and without realizing, we staring that big circular table in the middle of the local. 
It seemed belong to those giants sort of rhynos wore of caps and leather jacket arnoded by chains, for underline their bad temperence, and when they laughing, the local was shaking.
We looked at us and, without say us nothing, we had deducted, that they weren’t among those who were tired of all that, on the contrary, they were among those were taking benefit from it.
On their faces there was a sort of enjoy, and when one of these calling Bill, he had to run to them, and let immediately, whatever he was doing.
We had attended at this scene, speechless, and a thud stroke our hearts. 
We have tighted the hands under the table, for don’t make us notice, and without make himself notice, the Lizard with the iron helmet, was approached himself to us, and with a hoarse whisper said:”It’s so that it goes, from years. They has threatened him to destroy his local, if he doesn’t immediately, what they wishing.”
We have continue see the scene. Something it was choking us and my hand, under the table, was tightening more your.
While the Lizard was about to continue: “They ordered me to…” at these few words, our hearts has stopped to beat, and with horror we have looked him at, and we were about to get up to run away, but immediately the Lizard added “I’m being part of that little part who is got tired of all that. I make double game. They ordered me to check this local to don’t make enter anybody else, and with the “game of  smoke in the eyes” it does works always”
I was about to make him the most logical question that anybody would have make at that instant, but the Lizard looked  us at:”At their eyes, you are two simpleton. They don’t know, and will don’t know it, till someone older, will doesn’t recognize you, but, by now, the real inhabitants of Blue City are vanish, and they living in their own ignorance.”
You have left him to end, but after a minute of contemplation, you have added: “Maybe they will doesn’t know who we are, but Zora know us.”
A thrill crossed along my back, and i looked at you, without thinking to the Lizard. Our eyes meet, and now the big laughs of those big sort of kind of rhinos, were only a buzz of background.”


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