“We came out” – |14|

From that storage room, believing to see the rays of the sun was investing the alley, instead what we have saw made us remain stunned.
That alley was still in darkness and the red light that we have saw inside in the storage room, was still master.
To reach the local of Bill, we had to skirt a couple of doors with little stairs. They seemed doors of apartments, and from one of these was coming out a strange creature of gender female. A beautiful female. Her skin was green but sometimes she was able to change it in a strong pink. She could be a sort of chamaleon. Her hair were black ’50 styled, and she wore a miniskirt with a stripes pailettes multi colored. I remained fascinated by her, but when we had exceeded her, we have could hear all her badness in her gaze, and with the corner of eye, we had saw a glimmer in her glance, as a little flames inside her eyes. 
When i noticed that, i dived myself among your arms. In a whisper you have said me:”Don’t stop us, let’s go” we had start to walk faster.
Fortunately, the local was at the end of that alley, and when we have saw the street lamp, that made angle with the entrance, we threw away the breath. 
Under the street lamp spot still on, there was still the lizard was smoking. He launched us a gaze, but as the previous night, he seemd didn’t care of us. At our passage he threw away the smoke from the mouth. Seemed he wanted scare us. 
Now it was your turn to looked at him with the corner of the eye. When we have exceeded him, he was smiling.
By now, it seemed that even the tiny moves of those strange creatures, could scare anyone. And now, we were their umpteenth victims of their fear game.
Spinning the angle, we found ourselves in front of the entrance of the local of Bill, who, already, was serving other strange inhabitants of Blue City. 
Blue City, had changed skin, and it seemed that journey we have done in that black hole, had upset all the mankind, and maybe we returned in Blue City for make order again everything, and perhaps we were the only to do.
When we have exceded the entrance we tighted our hands, we went directly to Bill, who have softly welcomed us. He didn’t wanted disturb the clients at that big table.
He chosed an appartated table, in the middle of the local.
“Let’s come with me, here noboby will disturb us”
It was, also changed, the sense of privacy. More you was in the middle of the crowd, more you was sure that nobody doesn’t noticed you.
Bill placed himself in front of us and he waiting for that one of us starting to talk. 
He knew, we had many questions to make him, but he remained breathless, when you with the only question you wanted to do him, you arrived to the nucleus of everything.
“The name Zora, it does say you something?” 
In those instants, in the Bill eyes we could have see of everything and he shivered.
Slowly, he started to tell us her story. How’s she born, how’s she was able to escape from our dream, how’s she has illuded everybody of her death, and how’ she reborn convincing all these creature to ally with her for create a new Nothing. She was the new queen of terror.
But at the end, with a bit of hope, said us :”Someone is getting tired of all that. By now, the terror is making clean sweep of all moral principles of this life. Even the scariest creature doesn’t has fun anymore. But there are few of these around” he ended.
He got up himself from that table, and he left us interdicted.”


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