Our hearts

Are beating at unison and resounding inside us: mine in your, and your in mine. 
Everything this slow connection is making us crazy. 
Delicately i feeling your arms surrounding my belly and the soft punch in the stomach, is growing like a swollen river.
I’m biting my lips. It’s our connection. 
Our eletric shocks are crossing our minds, and my fingers are shaking on this keyboard. 
If i close the eyes, i can see you here, where it’s began everything.
I repeat myself, i know, but when i feel our connection so strong, it’s like something taken me and it’s take me to you.
In these two days it’s stronger than ever. I know you can feel it too.
Our hearts beating strong and they resounding in Our Parallel World.
Hold me tight, as you do, and whisper me what you are feeling, and surprise me with the same my feelings, and let me dive myself in your eyes, sliding my hand in your shirt…
Kiss me.


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