“While the light” – |13|

Entering in the room, drawing  lines on the floor and illuminate your face, i could feel our hearts merging one with another, and slowly i fallen asleep leaned on your chest. 
When you have realized, that i was  deeply sleeping, delicately you have taken me and you have leaned me on the camp bed, and without make noise, you leaned yourself close to me, and you have enveloped me from behind, wrapping with your embrace, keeping me the belly, and slowly our breathes were merged one in another, and even you was fallen asleep, while another grunt echoed in distance. 
You have  embraced me for all night, and i have feel your arms always tight around me.
It seemed you wanted protected me more than usual, and i wanted let you know, that i was feeling your protection. I was your pearl and you was my shell. 
Embraced one in another, while our dreams were intertwined  eachother
That grunt in background, made us relive pieces of that dream in that countryhouse, where i met that half elf, on that stair who with just the his gaze, he was been able to leave me without the breathe, and you have met again the only human being among that strange creatures: Zora.
Unconsciously, we knew,  in some way, everything was linked.
We did not sleep peacefully, in that camp bed, we were agitated, but despite all, we didn’t have left us. You was holding me tight, and i was keeping your arms firmly around me.
It was like, in that embrace there was all our force, and with that embrace, we could defeat again The Nothing, or whoever had fight  for to take ahead its destruction force.
We kept us tighted firmly, and our breathes were merged with our hearts.
Once again, we realized that we were, an one and only soul. 
Delicately i spinned toward you, and you have looked me at, while i was sleep.
In your glance there was all sweetness that a man, could give me, and i have could feel it, and while i approached myself your chest, i have sighed your name, and you have whispered mine, embracing me more.
You wasn’t able fallen asleep no more, but you remained close to me, embracing me
Others blades of lights has crossed the room, and  they has dicovered other dark angles of that storage room.
At the opposite wall of the camp bed, there were others iron furnitures where leaned there were cardboard boxes.
You have examinted the room just with the glance, while your breathe was craddling me, and your arms wrapping me. 
Slowly the flare of the morning entering in the room, and you was staring me. You have taken off your jacket to cover me. In that room the cold made itself hear.
Little by little that dark little room, became brightest, and even the camp bed has been invested by the light of the sun, and slowly, i have lifted the face, and the first thing i saw, were your smiling eyes. 
After a long minute in contemplation, you have said:”Let’s go to Bill. I have something to ask him” and without asking explanation i sighed:”…Zora..”.
You have nodded me.”


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