I knew that

At the end we were made a lot of laughs, even uncosciusly, but we are laughing together, and our hearts are beating hard together.
Your arms are enveloping my belly and your breathe is merging with my heart. 
Our eletric shocks are going trought the real distance that is divide us, and are uniting us always more.
The tangle in the stomach, i know you are feeling it too.
Slowly, we are looking at us, and delicately we can feel our souls interwining between them, and we taken the flight.
Your hands are takening me, and you approaching me to you. 
Our eyes doesn’t want breaking away one from another. 
That what we are feeling, right now, is one the most big sensation we ever felt from when our connection has began, and your, our smile confirmating all that. 
Everything this is scrambling us from inside. 
What we can do, is following our emotions, touching us delicately, and let us guide by all we feeling, and let us giude inside Our Parallel World, and there, we can touch us really and there our lips leans delicately on our mouths, and we can caress us, sighing our names.


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