“While he” – |12|

Accompanied us out of his local, trought the alley next the building, we have could see closer one of the strange creature who came out from the local. He looked like a giant lizard with a sort of iron helmet with the top pointed, and he wore a long leather black jacket, and for us it was strange, seeing a lizard smoking, leans on the wall of the building. 
He looked us at, with nonchalance, almost he didn’t care who we were. 
We were the few human being remained around and maybe he was so tired to scare the people, and he was thinking just to smoke his cigarette in peace, leaned on that wall. 
We have looked him at, rapidly and then almost running we have reached Bill, who was went ahead.
Remained a bit dazed, we have rembember, the strange creatures we had face up to in that garden of that solitary contryhouse, and we have rembember that all that creatures were being part of another species, and maybe we hadn’t to surprises us, if all that creatures were real.
In our little walk, inside that dark alley, we didn’t have met another creatures, but we have heard stranges grunts, but Bill assured us:”At the end you will doesn’t hear them anymore. They will make part of the buzz of the city”. And as soon, he said that, another grunt scared me. I dived inside your arms, while Bill stopped in front of a door and in a whisper he said us:”We arrived”. He open the door and he left us enter. “Here noboby will not disturb you. I rented this storage room for few money. Nobody will not knocking the door. And nobody saw us, so relax. I must return in the local. Rest you.”
You have accompanied him to the door and have checked if somebody saw us. Noboby.
“See you tomorrow” he said.
When we remained alone, we have looked us at speechless, and little by little we have taken a look where Bill had taken us.
It was kind a of storage room, but with some comfort, like a little a couch and a camp bed double size. 
That one it has impressed me, was a square window from which a red light entering, made seems bleed everything arounded us, and we inside of  it.
As source of light, there was only that square window, and that couch was leaned on the opposite wall of the square window. 
We looking us around, and for now we couldn’t do nothing. 
Another grunt, a blade of white light crossed the room and you went to sit on the couch. 
I was on the edge of the camp bed, where the light seemed didn’t want touched me. 
I staring you, while the white light was illuminating your face, and you was thinking something, staring that square window
Our thoughts were met in the middle of that storage room, while you have said me “Come close to me”. I got up and delicately i sat me too on that little couch, and sweetly you have embraced me. We have continued  to stare that square window in silence.”


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