My heart

Is beating harder than ever. My tangle is chocking me from inside. My brain is developing everything this, and more i thinking about, more i say myself:”That’s not impossible” instead i must only throw away the air from the lungs, and hold back my emotions, because what is happening it’s real and  that’s you that are enveloping my belly and now our eletric shocks are communicating in slow way.
I can feel your arms around me, and now i can leave me go, knowing that you will catch me.
My stomach is in comunication with your brain.
You knew, that i would didn’t have put a lot of time to understand it. I made my calculations, and now, we are face to face, and our hearts are beating strong at unison. 
I can feel your breathe surrouding me, and your eyes are staring me, without say nothing. 
There is no need to talk.
It was from our latest strong connection that i didn’t feel like this. Scrambled, and with the heart in the brain and  your closiness is like a thunderstorm and i’m inside, and your eyes are the only anchors at which i can hold me.
And i feel your lips are approaching slowly to me. Delicately we kiss, and our souls come out from our bodies, like two spirals, they are intertwinning one with another, flying high up to the sky.



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