“What he would have” – |11|

Say us? We stared us at, while we were wearing those dresses, and our thoughts were going everywhere, looking for to discover, what was happened to the beautiful Blue City of one time.
Inside that little room, we could hear some grunting of those strange creatures, and some of these seemed screams against our friend, owner of that local, apparentely, became a sort of refuge for that strange creatures. 
We remained inside in that room in awaiting of Bill returns. 
Looking us around, we had noticed that there was a camp bed and little personal stuff things.
We had figured that, by now, Bill lived there and a sense of chok pervaded us.
The Blue City, as we rembembered it was gone: and it was gone the beautiful tree-lined avenue, and there remained just the rusty cages in which there were the trees. 
Everything was going fast in our minds, and just when Bill entered in this tiny room, our thoughts stopped.
Only when we have looked at Bill firm on the treshold of that door, we had have the courage to asking him the question, when we have saw the camp bed. And that question came out from your mouth in a whisper:”Is it here that you live?” 
Bill touched his unshaved face, and without say nothing, he nodded.
I fallen on a little green torn armchair, without breath. A thousands of questions were crowding my minds, but none of these wanted come out. Also you remained speechless, but you was able to formulate one, while you made sit Bill on the camp bed.
He threw away the air from the lungs, and he has looked for to explained us what happened.
We lost ourselves in his words. We had forgotten the effects of the word “The Nohing” had on us, but when he mentioned it, it has been like heavy punch had torns in two our souls. 
I looked at you, scared and i have stretched my hand, and you have taken it. You was my only anchor, and now i had need to feel you close to me, and even a little touch, it would have make me feel in safe.
Bill knew that for us to hear again the Nothing, would been a stroke. He knew that we had thought to have defeated it. “You did it. You have defeated it; you have destroyed the biggest evil with your forces, and above all with your love. The Nothing doesn’t exist no more.” 
“But then?”  we asked, looking at Bill and he looked at us, asking himself, how it was possible that we hadn’t understand it. He left us a bit to reflect. 
Were we still stunned, dazed, confused, but then another grunt from the other lounge slapped our faces, wakening and suddenly, i have tight more the hand i had in mine, and i sighed scared:”Its followers”. Bill looked at me and nodded.
“Like the legends. The legend of the Nothing has made born new followers, and everything is fallen in a spin of distruction. Now, i really don’t know what they could would do, if they know you are back. I can conduct you in a safe place.”
We looked at Bill stunned. 
For now, he was the only and other human being who could help us. 
We have leaving the little room and we have followed him, among little dark alleys of Blue City.”


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