Also now

Our souls are smiling, and you are watching me, i can feel your whisper and in a low voice, you sigh me “Yes that’s me”, and our hearts beating strong and at unison, and from behind i can feel your sweet embrace, even if now i’m in this strange position.
I feel our little eletric shocks crossing our minds and your smile is enveloping me from inside. 
You came to me delicately, and we are dancing inside Our Parallel World, and we let it take us everywhere it wants to take us.
We remain so, to stare at us, while your shy smile saying me everything you want to let me know, and slowly i understand it, and more i understand it, more i blush.
I dive in your eyes and my soul is merging with your.
I feel your arms tightening me more against your body, and i can only to sigh. 
Our souls, our minds, our hearts are going crazy, but we are waiting for something more special, and maybe is coming more before than we could expect.
In meanwhile we are smiling.


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