“Your voice” – |10|

Resounded again in my mind and it made me thrill, while something it was chocking me from outside. 
We were coming out from that amniotic liquid, and everything around us, seemed normal. 
Instead it wasn’t normal at all. 
We had to throw away the air from the lungs for a bit
Inside that black hole, we had spent almost our energies to find us again, but in the deepest way.  
Our conscious had to make the counts with the uncoscious, and everything had to return back at its place. 
We were firm on the treshold of the black wooden door, but something pushed us ahead, and the black hole, with its universe inside vanish.
A blow of wind made us realized that we were completly naked, and still covered by that liquid.
We were landed in a sort of city, everything seemed so strange. 
Landing on a place with other human beings. But are they were human beings? 
In those instants, they seemed more wandering ghosts, than normal persons, and we were naked, without to know where to go, or at least, where we could take something to wear.
We had recognized something familiar, looking us at around, in that city, but now, we were a bit dazed for eveything we had lived, and we have prefered to don’t speak, but we knew what name was crossing our minds. 
The exit of the black hole was located next a green bush, a bench and big ad panel, and till now nobody had noticed us, it seemed we were invisible, and that one we were thinking about, was only one thing: in that jorney in that black hole, trought our emotions, and feelings, we had crossed, even the time, and just after elaborated it, in totally silence, you have taken my hands in your, and sit on that bench, so naked, you have whispered me just two words:”Blue City, and with the wide eyes open i nodded, a bit scared for everything that slowly, we were discovering.
The only thing that could assure us, was the warmth of the sun, that heating our bare skin.
We returned in that city, after all we had faced up to against the Nothing. 
Now the strangers were us. 
Blue City, was changed, and just few tracks were remained of that wonderful city that you have wanted show me at all costs. I rembember exactly your words:”My princess doesn’t have to must further limits”, and slowly we got up from that bench. 
With some remedies, we have found the way to cover us, and we directed toward the street where once there was the local of Bill. 
When we have saw the sign still up, we have taken a deep breathe and we entered.
Bill was there, but he seemed to be the only human being among strange creatures.
When he saw us, had a jolt. For don’t disturb the strange clients, we have shyly smiling him and he was surprised to see us there again. 
We have notice that he was older. Everything this travel in the future, made us feel dazed.
For us, just few hours in that black hole had mean years for the others, and also many changes. He has checked that every there had something to eat, before to come to us to talk with us.
“It’s beautiful to see ya again guys” and when he saying us that, he saw us and without asking, he conducted us inside a little room and he said us:”Take you something to wear, then we will talk. It’s important. Blue City isn’t as you rembember it”
He has left us. He closed the door behind his shoulders and we remained in silence for a bit looking us at stunned.”


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