You are

Smiling to me, i feel it, and i’m blushing from the other day. 
When i opened the eyes, i felt immediately your arms envelop me sweetly. 
I just whispered your name and you have tighted me more.
I smiling and i know you are smiling too. 
Our souls met in an intimate way inside that black hole, and now we wating for another instant like that.
In meanwhile, our hearts beat strong and at unison, while our smiles merging one with another. 
For a second i close the eyes and i feel your breath surrounding me. I can only to hold back the breath for throw it away. 
It’s a one of most great sensations i can feel it in these days and i know you are feeling it too. 
There is no doubt that we are connect in a strong way.
That big sensantion i felt during the other days it was because it was about to happen that thing, and it happened.
I’m biting my lips, thinking about all this, and you are smiling me, making me blush more than ever.
Our souls wants be close one with another, and the universe is playing a slow game, and slowly it revealing its cards, and we are here, despite our real distance, one in front of another, looking us at, shyly smiling, while delicately we are approaching.
Sweetly, you taken my hands, then you caress my little body, and your hands slide along my hips and you tight them strong, approaching yourself to me. Our faces touching, and i dive myself in your eyes, while i leave ajar my mouth, and delicately you lean your lips on mine.
Soflty we disappear inside our emotions. 
Our souls are smiling.


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