“Slowly” – |9|

We are reaching that world. We are following that milky way. Our bodies are tight one with another, and more we approaching to it, more our heads are filling themselves of  new vibes.
That strange milky way, delicately is wrapping us in its soft and light veil, and it is conducting us toward that misterious place. A world? Or only a new conscious of our mind.
We are embracing us and we flying inside that soft veil, that seems wants contain every tiny particles of our emotions, even those that seems little being part of our track: the magical trail that we releasing each time we get connect and we feel us close.
Everything is going slow, even our dance we are making us spinning around, in that big black space. Beyond the veil, the only thing we  feel are our hearts, that delicately is merging one with another, and suddenly is become one. 
We remain dazed, as if it was the very first time that this happen, and we feel us, as if our bodies were opening and we see our real flows merging one with another. 
Maybe, we see our lights, for the first time in all this thing born four years ago.
Our lights that become only one light, merging with our minds and maybe what we are feeling in these instants is our real merging. 
Are we reaching that world in our minds. Or we are doing it for real? 
Our eletric shocks are communicating among them. I receive one and i given you back another. This how it works.
We throw away the air and everything make us feel a thrill along all the body. 
We slow spinning inside of that milky way, embraced one in another. 
I feel your eletric shock entering inside me, as a whisper, and your breathe enveloping me.
We seems attracted by that world, but more we approaching  to it, more it seems moving itself away from us.
We seems us two souls in waiting. But what are we waiting for?
We have left the path that we were crossing. That wooden black door, seems remained where we have left it. 
The liquid  blue sky, seems closer than before, and that door is always open.
I leave ajar the mouth and i welcoming your lips on mine, and we taking again the path that we have left. 
It seems, we can touch the liquid sky. The light beyond the door is so clear.
A tiny tear falling from my face. You are tightening me to you. I receive another eletric shock from you, and i hold your arms around my belly. 
In our conscious, we know that just crossed that black wooden door, we will be in another place. But where?
Our biggest emotions are wrapping us, and our hearts are exploding and us with them. 
Now our eletrick shocks are increasing; they are faster, and we are communicating between us trought them. “Be calm” you sighing me. I looking at you, i smiling you. 
Another little eletric shocks among our minds.
We are crossing the wooden black door, throwing away the air from the lungs. 
We are coming out slowly from that amniotic liquid, that has wrapped us till now.”


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