Around us is becoming always more magical and now i staring the runes and what they told me has become real. We are approaching, always more, and i can’t believe it.
All this around us, is being part of an incredible enchant born four years ago.
Maybe our connection is something real, and we feeling our flows running cross our mind like a swollen river and our hearts can’t contain every these emotions in one time, and they are smearing them inside our bodies, between the tangle in the stomach and our eletric shocks in our minds, making us feel so united, despite our real distance. 
I know, you can feel my sighs and i feel your arms wrapping my hips.
My fingers are shaking, and must to throw away the air from the lungs. 
Our connection is increasing. We can feel the soft punch in the stomach developing inside us, like a bomb unhooked, and it strike our stomach and that stroke arrives till to the brain.
Slowly, our little magic is accomplishing, and in the sweeter way, as we are entering in of it.
I felt that something of important would happen. 
It’s like in a fire, and delicately, we entering merging us, one with another.
Our connection is arrived at the same level, and we are realizing of that.
Our connection is completing itself. 
Our magic is here, around us.


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