My stomach

Is bombed by million of little soft punches, and slowly i start to feel your perfume that delicately is wrapping my senses.
My throat is closed and to swallow is difficult for me. 
I feel your hands enveloping my belly, and i know you are looking at what i’m writing. 
My fingers are shaking, while your breathe and your little whispers are wrapping me all around. My head is exploding. My little body is shaking under your delicate touch.
Our minds are get connect strong. I feel your soul that slowly penetring me, and mine doing the same inside you. This our merging.
We must inhale new air in the lungs. Our heads are spinning faster. 
Your perfume is around me. It’s light, but i feel it, and your hands on me, making me going crazy.
I feel your sweet whispers. 
You turn me, and finally i put my hands on your chest trought your shirt. They are shaking. You taken them then you kiss them. I remain breathless, then you, replaced them on your chest. Our eyes dive one inside another. 
I taken a flap of your shirt and i approach you to me
In that one instants our hearts explode, while our lips leans one on another and everything around vanish, and we remain only us, with our floating emotions and your perfume.


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