“More we remain” – |8|

In this limbo, made by a intertwinning of emotions, more our connection is growing fast, and more we realizing that it is easier communicate among our minds, while our floating souls dancing in that black hole, always more big around us, and they delicately touching. 
More i feel your hands on my little body, more i realize that our flows arrived at the same level, and maybe you still doesn’t have realizing of all this, maybe you said:”Let’s try”.
You have felt something inside, and slowly you have tried to communicate deepest with me.
You have succeded it.
You entered in my dreams and this time you have said me to reach you.
We have left the path that it would have conduct us toward the liquid sky, beyond the wooden black door, and now i see you are going inside the endless universe and i can see  tiny planet.
Is it there that you want go? 
I stretch my hand looking for to take your, but i’m not ablle. I just can hear you say me:”Come on!” I can see your naked body floating so far from me. It seems to me, you are going so fast. 
I stop myself and i close the eyes. I can’t reach you. I hold back the breathe and when i throw it away, suddenly i can feel your warmth surrounding me, and your hands are tightening me. 
When i open the eyes, you glance is piercing my soul, and we start to slow spinning.
“Do you see it?” you ask me, pointing your finger toward the tiny planet. 
My heart beating strong, and i nod, without take off my eyes from you. 
Delicately i caress your face. 
Now you are leading me and everything it seems easier. Our connection starts again from the stomach, and everything seems begin from where we are now: a black cold space with a sort of milky way that we have to follow. We don’t know where it will take us. Perhaps inside in that planet.
In meanwhile we are in awaiting for something of very unknown also for us, while our minds get connect in strong way, and we are feeling a heavy weight inside of our stomach, but at the same instants it make us feel so light and our souls are merging one with another.”


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