“The crash” – |7|

Of the two universes is accomplishing itself, and slowly we are realizing that everything around us is becoming part  of our connection. 
We are being born again, in that black hole and that amniotic liquid is being part of it.
And maybe we must stay inside of the black hole a little more of the neccessary.
We must feed our conscious with everything what is happening us around, outside of this awareness: outside of our connection.
Sometimes my head  start to spinning so fast, and occasionally, i feel myself falling in a spiral more faster than this one and my heart in these short instants seems to come out from my body, and something is pierce me, rapidly, inside, then my heart restart to beat irregurarly, when our connection start again. And my mind is open itself always more to receive your pulses.
I shaked my Rune bag and Raido is came out again. It does mean we are making the same travel together. We are crossing the same path from different places and we will meet us outside of that black hole. 
My flows returning back to you, and you are feel them so strong inside of you, and you let me know it in your way. 
I close the eyes and i see you tightening my hand, while we acrossing that black hole, surrounded by wonderful  tracks of lights. 
We can see the wooden black door, but we remain firm, flying among these lights.
We must have to stay here, inside of it.
From the open door, we can see the liquid blue sky: it seems is calling us. We were about to reach it, but we stopped us. Just in these few seconds, we have understand, that we have to get slow our walk.
Inside that black hole, we feel us in safe, and our sensantions are expand, and perhaps staying in this dark place, our senses are better clarifying.
We slow spinning, and our naked bodies are touching. 
Our breath merging, while i whispering you:”Tell me what is feeling to you”. 
And your hands are tight me more.
Slowly we are looking around, we realizing  that we aren’t not floating only in that path, and the black hole extended itself. 
Everything match. Now, even, you are questioning yourself on what is happening, now you can feel me more clearly, and everything is intertwinning and our connection it making itself always more bigger, and each day is passing by, that black hole is making itself greater, and slowly is enveloping us delicately with its universal embrace.”


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