My soul

Is exploded in million of confetti, when suddenly, you are apparead in my dream, and now or connection has become stronger. When i opened the eyes, i felt your arms wrapped strong my belly, as if you want enter inside my soul still more. Our connection is something more tangibile. 
As i wrote in the previous post (part of The Dream tale) in these hours, i know you are feeling more our connection, and you let me know in your own way, and this is one of these.
We are going crazy together, we know the reason.
The double numbers are surrounding us, and we are feeling the warmth enveloping us from inside. 
Our hearts beating like a hammer and they doesn’t want to stop.
My head is slowly exploding. Like in a spiral is merging with your, and delicately our eletric shocks are communicating slow. 
I can’t to swallow. I feel your hands on my hips, and your breathe is take me to Our Parallel World.
I see Ehwaz: the reunion of our souls and slowly we are reaching it. Raido is there, in front of me, from the begin of everything this, began four years ago.
And now your arm are tightening me always more.
I hold back the breathe a bit, for throw it away, and i can hear your deep voice that is penetretring me sweetly.
I’m literally going crazy, and i know you’re going too.
We calling us trought our souls voices and we feeling us.
We enveloping us by our magic.


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