“We remain” – |6|

Dazed for what we starting to see at the end of the black hole.
Millions of stars that are colliding one with another, and inside of us we can feel each little crashing of each single star, and a sort of energy is entering inside us and it is making us feel always more united, and we can feel like million of little  explosions in our heads.
You are looking me at, breathless.
Little by little, we are approaching always more, to the exit trought this floating amniotic liquid and these explosion are more frequent, and the light is more clear. Almost is annoying us, and almost we close the eyes as much as clear it is. 
By now, we can touch the wooden black door. 
And your hands are tightening my hips. I have a thrill along my back, as much as are soft and and at the same instants strong, are your hands.
Some tracks of the stars crashes entering in that black hole and exceeding us. 
We remain shaked. 
You protect me, and in that instant our hearts are uniting one with another, more than ever.
Our bodies touched in a way that the hearts are come out from our bodies and they touched, without we have realized that.
They has united us still more.
We slow arriving, almost to the door: you tightening me, and delicately we still spinning around.
This muffled atmosphere it is leaving us, and maybe, in our deepest, we don’t want to leave it.
Without realizing, we are acrossing for the very first time, a portal that will marks our lives in a profound way. 
You have knocked the door of my head four years ago, revealing me something of real personal. 
And now passed by, these years, you are questioning what is happening in your mind, in your soul, and maybe, you are questioning yourself if you are going mad.
They were been the same questions i have made myself, from when everything has began, and now that i know, occassionally you are asking yourself the same questions; in that slow spin, i taken your hands and i’m looking your eyes at, and i can sweetly reply you:”Without realizing, four years ago, you have wanted me launch a thin thread. I have taken it. It passed  four years because my energy returned back to you, and now, so slowly it’s becoming a continuos flow of eletric shocks among our stomachs, minds, hearts and above all among our souls. And the answer you want to hear is: No, you are not going mad. It’s just that you are starting to feel me and our continuos flows increasing each day is passing by”
When we will exceeding that black wooden door, we can will feel our senses pervade us always more.
For now we can feel our tangle scrambling our stomach, and that sensation from inside, is rising up in the brain.”


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