And you

Are questioning me:”Is it so that…” Let you guide by your feellngs. I put your hand on my breast. I whisper you “Do you feel my heart, how it does is beating?” “It is beating irregularly” – “Yes it so, it must to works. It’s our connection”
I put mine on your chest. Your heart is beating like mine. First fast then it is going slower. 
It seems you are going mad. 
The punch in our stomach is tightening itself alway more, and the only thing we can do is loosening its taken, holding back a deep breathe for then throwing it away, buut this it lasts just for one short second, then everything restarts again.
Our little eletric shocks are in continuos communication among our minds.
My fingers are starting to shake on this keyboard, and what i feeling are your arms embracing me sweetly, surrounding my belly, and nowmy throat is closing itself. 
Your closiness is chocking me from inside, and now you are feeling mine enveloping you like white silk veil.
Our connection is growing faster in these latest hours and we can feel it, as much as is big, we aren’t able to swallow. 
My fingers are trembling hard, and your eletric shocks are bombing my mind.
Yes you are by my side. I feel your hands on my hips, and your eyes doesn’t want leave me. 
I try to respond you, but i know you are feel me, because you are inside me, and you can feel what i feel, because that are the same feeling that you are feeling right now.
It’s a sweet and delicate sharing of our feeling.
If we close the eyes, we can see our souls, among our feeling merging one with another.
That’s what we are seeing in this moment: a merging spiral ogf emotions turning around us, and we can just get slow the breathe.


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