Our connection

It’s always around me, and also around you. What does is saying us? 
Just our hearts are deciphring it. 
Occasionally, we can feel our eletric shock across our minds, and our tangle inside the stomach is there, ready to explode. 
And we are touching our skin, making slide our hands inside our shirts, and our glances are questioning, if it everything this it’s real. 
From my bedroom, i whisper:” My love… it’s everything real. What is arounding us is friut of our magical connection.”
You are realizing of that just in these days, and it’s a thin thread inside you. 
You will reach the point where i arrived, so fast if our connection continue to flow inside us, in this fast way. 
I’m surround by emotions that born from the stomach, and arriving in the brain under form our eletric shocks.
We are in communication from five days and your arms are wrapping me tight.
You are questioning yourself:”What’s is happening inside me”. I taken your hands, i look you at, and i whisper you:”Hold back the breathe then throw it away, it’s so it does working!”
Our force attracting us one another. Our tangle inside. 
Our souls are shaking us stronger from four days, and we are entering in the fifth. 
We are crossing that black hole, that portal.
We can feel our hearts beating at unison. I feel your closiness, and you are feeling mine.
We are communicating trought our emotions. We are thowing away more air than we can, but we are still shaking.
What we are feeling it’s something we never could expect.
Finally our connection is something real. 


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