“In this slow”-|5|

Spiral, our bodies are capable tightening one with another, and that deep blue light, become more clear, and everything around us, little by little vanishing.
We are inside the black hole, but now we can see the liquid sky always closer, and we can see the exit and it’s a black wooden door.
We spin slow, one body around another. Barely we touching, and when we touching we have a thrill along the back. 
You are a bit faster than me in this magical flight along the black hole. You stretching the hand toward me, while you smiling me.
Everything around us is slow floating, and this travel seems endless, but in our deepest, we know, we are almost reaching the end.
That open door is awaiting for us, for to be exceeded it.
Everything is going so slow.
The walls of this black path seems a floating starry night sky, and more we approaching to the end, an interior force push us toward the black wooden door.
You are looking me at, as if you want say me:”Still a little effort, and here we are”, but you don’t say anything: just your gaze does it.
Only in this instant i able to take your hand, and slowly you approach me to your naked body.
You make slide me on your body, for tightening me better. 
Slowly and magically, your breathe wrap me all around, delicately, your whispers take me off the breathe. 
Toward the end of this path, we embrace us, and our bodies tight sweetly, our eyes doesn’t take off one from another. Our faces touch one another. What i see in your eyes it’s the same you are see in mine: a peaceful place, inside our souls. 
Slowly i put my hand on your chest. Your heart is getting calm, as mine.
Our minds are soflty communicating one with another, while we, still, spinning slow in this amniotic liquid, around us.
We are looking us at deeply, and more we are reaching that door, more we know, that we are about to enter in one of the deepest place of our connected souls. 
In that short time that remained us, you just realized that everything is possiblie and what you are feeling it’s real: the tangle in the stomach, our little eletric shocks that across the minds, the impossibility to swallow, the scrambling inside you. And trought your stunned eyes, i have understand, that finally, my connection with you, it’s something of real, and what i’m feeling from four days, it’s not crazyness, but just your awareness of all that, and that black hole, that we are acrossing, it’s the real jump we are doing together.
And that big sensation between us, it will lasts, till, we doesn’t across completely this portal, that it will put us one in front another, where our connection, will be a real connection, and everything this it will doesn’t be no more a only mine sensation, but it’s a thing that is spinning around us, now we are inside of the nucleus.
The soft punch that i feeling, now i know that you are feeling it too, and everything around me can vanish. We are connect.”


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