Your closiness

It never left me in these latest hours. My tangle in the stomach it’s always present, and i feel our connection, and more i go on, more i feel you want to whisper me something, but you have no the courage to make it. 
My head is exploding. 
Since i have opened the eyes, i feeling your arms around my belly, and your breathe is enveloping me sweetly. 
I know you can feel that thread that unite us, and just now, you are realizing what is.
Everything is born inside the stomach, and it makes shake all from inside.
It’s our connection. Everything born from the stomach and it arrives till the brain. 
Don’t worry, everything match. It is so it must have to work.
I throwing away the air from the lungs from three days.
Our minds are in continous communication and that’s make us feel one close with another, more than usual.
I feel your arms around my belly and my heart is beating hard, and it’s beating at unison with your.
From far i can feel your perfume. 
Our eletric shocks are in slow communication and they making shake our souls, and if we close the eyes, we are still inside that amniotic liquid of that black hole.
That liquid is expading inside us.
We need of our breathe.My hand slide inside of your white shirt, and our eyes meet. 
Our breathe are merging one inside another.
What we need is to stay so, while our bodies, and all the rest merging with our souls.
A little tear rolling on my face. 
These are one of the biggest sensations i ever felt since everything is started.



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