“We looking us” – |4|

At, and we still questioning:”From where does it comes, this sensation that we still continue to feel?”
We feel us still inside that spiral and we spinning, and from inside us, we feeling like a slow expansion, and our sensations from inside, come out and they swallowing us, and everything is slowing.
Occasionally, we touching, but immediately we moved away, and we can feel two universes crashes. 
In that spiral everything goes so slow, also our moves.
It seem we swimming in an amniotc liquid, along this black hole.
We can see that little dot of light enlarged itself and at the end, we can see like a liquid sky.
But for now, everything around us is black with some glimmer of deep blue with some little white lights. 
We turning around, like slow spinning top, we are going toward the exit, but it seems still far. We are naked. We realized of that. Our hearts beating hard and their beats resounding around us, like a sounding board, and when we are able share our gaze, the only question we making us, is:”Where are we going?”
Sometimes, we can hold back us, by the hands, and our bodies are touching. Our skin is like sweet glove, and our emotions come out, but then a force bigger than us, dividing us, and the only tool we can use to don’t move us away, are the eyes. 
Our minds, are always more connect
This black hole, where is taking us.
Inside us, we feel a snatch, that it must be stitched up, from long time and it come from another universe, and evrything this is bond to what we are feeling in these hours.
Our punches in our stomach arrive in our heads and they making us feel like two box players, sometimes, we must stop to do what we are doing, throwing away the air from the lungs, while we still acrossing that black hole inside us. 
What we are feeling is a slow scrambling that is calming itself a bit if we close the eyes, and we fill the lungs of new oxygen, but it’s just for few seconds, then everything starts again to spin slowly and it seems everything itself stop, while we are the only whom runs fast in that crazy slow carousel, hoping to reach the end of the black hole. 
It seems we stopped ourselves, while in the black hole, everything is rounding. 
The deep blue light with some glimmer inside, is going foward. 
It seems, our hearts are merging with the amniotic liquid around us. Our bodies are softly touching. You are capable even to kiss me in this slow spin. 
I hold back the breathe, for then throw it away. Our hands holding one with another, and you tightening me against your chest. Everything around seems going crazy, but it’s everything inside us.
Everything seems explode for then recompose itself, immediately after.
Everything has started from that dream of fours years ago, and now, we are realizing that we are crossing that black hole,  from very different places one another: one cold, one hot, to meet us again, beyond the bordelines of our menthal connection, for exceed them, while we still going trought that one endless black hole, in which our hearts are literally going crazy, while we are touching our floating bodies.”


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