“Let you guide you” – |3|

By my sensations, and let you transport by what you’re feelings. 
 The latest thing i wrote♦ it’s been one of most intense things i ever felt since from it’s began this crazyness among us, and i still feel some tracks inside me.
I’m realizing just now that, little by little, in these four years, we had crossing, only a tiny part the universe that it has want that we acrossing together.
Earlier, i have feel running inside me, milion and million of sensations, and i felt them like exploded at the same instants, a bullet taken in a slow motion recording, and my head got connected with your. 
I was paralized, my fingers didn’t wanted stop to tap on this keyboard: my only tool to describe my feelings. 
This is not a tale, not even a fantasy. It’s just what i’m feeling, after what i felt after this evening. And it’s not even a dream.
What i have felt, it’s been like enter inside the black hole of the our Dancing Souls, but for don’t come out no more. 
Just in these instants i’m able to see a dot of light. 
Around me is still that silky sensation that has enveloped me till to arrive to this point, and this is not fruit of my fantasy: they are just feelings, not even emotions. Just feelings; what you are feeling inside. Just what your mind say you in this exact instants.
After four years ago, after everything that has happened, happens this: our connection increase, and the universe make crashing the real world with Our Parallel World, and we are trapped inside that black hole. 
We slowly spinning, travelling, inside that spiral, in which we, barely, meet and touch ourselves, but our minds explode ’cause our connection it is exceeding another level. 
And you, don’t know, not even, what is happening inside you. 
You are feeling, something that is scrambling you, and you are looking to understand what it is. 
Let you guide by my whispers. I know, you can hear me. Let the magic enter inside you.
Dagaz is whispering me something about a change, a tranformation, new begining.
Is that what i’ve felt last evenining? A new beginning. You are feeling it too.
Then Thurizaz. The protection, and Nauthiz with our willpower.
Are we arrived till here, after all. 
We can feel everything this surrounding us.
We can feel everything inside us, in our minds, in our hearts that still are beating slowly fast, and everything explode getting hurt us, and while we bleeding, our connection get healing us. 
We must go foward, throwing away the air from the lungs,  following everything what is surrounding us, above all what we feeling inside.”


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“We looking us” – |4|⇒

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