From the other day

It’s incredible what i’m feeling. My mind is exploding from last night, and more i look for to collect the pieces, more others are multiplying, and i remain dazeto look them at around me. My tangle is exploded, and you arrived in bedroom. 
Your arms are touching me in sweet way, and i close the eyes. I whisper your name, and you whisper mine. 
Unconsciously, we know, it has happened something big in these latest hours: we can feel still their traces in our minds, but above all inside our hearts that still beating fast, and our minds are always more connected among them.
Your glance toward me, paralyzing me, making stop all my vital fuctions. 
I must to hold back the breathe  for then throw it away. 
Your hands on my hips, and your eyes inside mine, makes everything disappears around. 
In our heart we can feel like a void full of our emotions, and this make us go grazy.
We know, from where everything this come, but it making us feel disorented. Our tangle is getting bigger and in our heads, in our minds, we feel just our little eletric shocks dacing together, and this making us feel always more united.
We are this little universe. We are smiling, and everything we can feel inside us, around is taking us inside Our Parallel World, and there we want stay. 
Our connection is becoming something that we never expected. Wonderful. 
Our emotions that merging one with another and slowly we enter in our magical bubble. 
There we loving us surrounding by our emotions.


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