Today what

I’m feeling is more profound than usual, i feel it’s come from the bowel of our souls. 
And our minds are connecting from the stomach. 
I feel your embrace, from behind, but this time has something of more profound. 
Everything leaves from the tiny thing, from where has started all this.
Our eletric shocks are fast and their rapidity piercing our minds, making going everything slow. 
I feel your breathe wrapping me, and this time i need of your whispers as new oxygen to inhale.
Today our connection making us falling in trance. I feel your arms surround my hips.
Our tangles are merging one in another, like a sort a snake’s dance, and our eyes doesn’t take off one with another.
We looking us at, and in our gaze we see Our Parallel World opening itself, in a new way.
You are tightening my belly, and i tight your arms in mine. 
I no need to throw away the air, but we both, we feel the need to hold it back.
Our heads slowly, are starting to spin fast, and our eletric shocks are like little syringe punctures, that making go slow our heart beats, also ifwe continue to feel them go crazy.
Our closiness is more than tangible. It’s here inside our minds. I’m inside you and you are inside me. And both we can feel it, despite we are one far from another, but not far enough for our magical connection.
Connection that is making bigger than we could expected.
While i’m writing to you, here, my tangle is growing always more, and everything is going slow: mind, your arms around my me, and i can feel your whispers that are enveloping my soul.
Your arms, our connected minds, that tangle in our stomach that making us feel always more united. This slowliness in the air, that making everything go so fast. 
And we, here firm, surrounded by these new sensations, we don’t understand where they are taking us.
We looking us at, and slowly throwing away air from the lungs, trying to get calm us. 
Our connection is making itself greater.
Are we succedding another level? 
This punch in the stomach, that we are feeling, is making us surrounding by new feelings, and it arrive till the brain, and there we are feeling our eletric shocks are expanding themselves trought our bodies, and we can remain stunned, one in front another, we are touching our bodies delicately, and i leave ajar my mouth, while your lips are leans on mine.
Everything is going slow.


⇐“After that meeting” -|2| [27th open letter to Luke]

“Let you guide you” – |3|⇒

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