“After that meeting” -|2| [27th open letter to Luke]

In my mind, that dream, there were started to happened me strange things. Things that i really still now, i can’t explain, and still continue to happen.
Something inside me it bringing me in a place very far, where my hidest emotions could explode freely, and more i was feeling these little tiny new sensations, more i knew, that my being, it was eleveting to another menthal level. Sometimes i remained breathless, sometimes speechless, and sometimes i was asking myself:”Am i going crazy?” and everything this it was taking me to you.
I rembember very well, the very first time that has happened.
Slowly, around me, but above all inside me, raised itself a tiny sensation from the stomach till arrive to the brain and that certainty that something regarded you, would happen. 
Till now, i was considered a disable girl with these kind of skills, and in my family since i was a child, my nickname has been Little Witch. 
But these kind of skills, little by little, were disappearing, but since i was a child, the magic has fascinated me, and i’ve continued to go around it. I always believed, and still continuing to believe it.
But that night, i remained speechless: in that dream, maybe unconsciosly or not, magically or something bigger than magic itself, has united us. 
I remained speechless when i taken my phone, and i said me:”Wanna bet… you are about to do something” and one minute two later, you was appared. What was it? A joke?  A playful game of what? In that moment i just didn’t wanted think of nothing, but my heart started to beat like a hammer. I was a bit confusion. 
It was from years that didn’t happened me something like this. 
In those instants i have forget that dream that i’ve done, i don’t rembember, not even when, but close to this event, but i knew, maybe uncosciously, you starting to play a really important  part of my life. Really important. 
You have reaffirmed me a life point on which i always fought since i was born:”Never give up”
When it’s  happened, slowly inside me has born something. 
I still didn’t realizing what was, but the next day, i have tought about it often, and i asked myself “Will it happen again?, and more was making me this question, more i thought to you, and slowly,  more i was feeding our connection. “


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