“Suddenly” -|1|

You’re came to me. You have knocked in my mind, and i have opened my heart to your soul.
I rembember, i was stunned to see you in front of me.
You was looking at me, as if you was lost, and you didn’t know where to go. 
At that time you was just a person who slowly was entering in my life.
But you have left me breathless when you came to me. 
I was there in front of you and slowly i made you enter in my house.
I rembember exactly what i was i’m thinking in that moment, when i have let you sit down on that chair. There were many questions that were running in my head.
For a long instants you didn’t have spoken. You have just looked me at, and not even i sat close to next  you. I was so embaressed, with an only question that was hammering my head: “Why you have choose me?” I looked at you I sat myself on the couch a bit distant from you, but i could feel your desire to feel someone close.
I threw away the air from the lungs, and i taken the courage and i sat myself in front of you, on that footrest. 
Your glance dived itself inside mine, while you have started to throw away everything that was happened in your life. It had must be just happened; because your words were like a swollen river, and your emotions were entering inside me like million silver bullets, and the magic was being born among us.
I really didn’t know how manage this real strange situation. 
Situation that it would have change my life, in something fantastic.
At the period, i was embarassed. I was in front of  you that was pulling me out, something personal, besides the principal interested, still nobody didn’t knew. 
Slowly, something was growing inside me. You was pulling out words, on words, and sometimes, not even me was capable to follow your thread, already tangled itself, inside you.
My desire to tightening your hands, was strong, but something inside blocking me: perhaps my shyness, maybe because we didn’t knew eachother so enough well as now. Or maybe it was that question that was hammering me, since when i have opened the door, and, you entered:
“Why you have choose me?”
I looked at you, while you was telling me what just happened you, me , i was sitted down in front of you on the footrest, while your words flew in air and i looked for to put them together, even if it was difficult duty, but slowly, little by little, everything became more easy.
More easy, when my heart was opening itself to those few simply words. 
At the end, my hands slided on your white pants and we looked us at, without say nothing.
But my glance seemed still questioning itself: “Why you have choose me”.
You seemed have understood. You have smiled me, and like you entered, you left me
Slowly, you would have made me understand your choise.”



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