It has began our little magic, and you are came smiling me, delicately wrapping me in your embrace.
I felt a little bit of embaressement, I don’t know why, but I did, when inside me I started to feel my tangle in the stomach, and I slowly I saw you was coming by my side, with your smile.
I heard your whisper:”I don’t have forget about you. You being part of me”
Our little electric shocks increasing and now I can feel your arms around my belly tightening always more, arrives till my hips. I hold back the breathe, when you spin me and your eyes meets mine, and your smile make me melt. Our hearts beats strong and our shy smile creating around us that magic atmosphere that only us can create. Our breathes wrapping us, and your arms are tightening me and slowly we start to caress each other.
Both we can’t swallow, we know the reason. Our connection make us feel so close, one with another, despite the real distance.
Your arms are sweet on my body, and I let you caress every hid part of me, closing the eyes, letting me guide by your little whispers.
My head is exploding, and I bet also your too.
My tangle is always more tangled inside.
If I don’t throw away the air from the lungs I think I’m go crazy.
Our connection each day is passing by, it’s becoming always more strong.
I feel it and even you feel it too.



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