“What just” ~20~

It was happened in that devoid color room stunned us. We had still the fingers crossed one in another, and what we were seeing and listening, inside us and around was shaking us.
The buzz of the city was entering in the room, and we seemed uncaple to do nothing to avoid it. Not even moving a tiny muscles of our body.
The only things was to tightening our hands tight, and we could feel something run trought our veins: something new, something of warm. Were the Dancing Souls, who merging with us.
It seemed, that, slowly, they knew what to do better than us.
We had to only to reach a spiritual meeting point inside us, and there, we would have meet them again, and from that exact point we have would bring them in our next future. A crossroads. 
We made us left guide by them. A silky voice of female said us:”As we have guided you in the past, now it’s your duty to guide us in the present, then in your future”, and menthally, we arrived at the crossroad. 
That crossroad looked like a long desert long path. In front of that  path, slowly our hearts got calming, and we held back the breathe for then throwing it away.
With the hands tight one in another, we had started to walk, and slowly, inside us, for the very first time, we had know, what to do, or better where to go. 
We have opened the eyes. Without realizing we have looked at our hands one in another, first, then we have lifted our glances, and we looked at us.
We were awakeninng ourselves from that state of almost, uncoscious, and that soft trembling we were feeling inside, was, slowly fading. 
Also that devoid color room, was assuming a new meaning.
We didn’t had still spoken, but someone of us had to do it. And that someone that’s been you.
“We have to take care of them, as they have done, with us, in the past. They has showed us their lives, and now, we must to do the same. Our lives will be not interesting. There will  be not too much obstacles to go trought, in otherwise, they may help us to exceed them
I dived myself in your glance, and i was caressing your face, nodding to everything you was saying this.
It seemed that from those words, it was being born a new life together, and suddenly from inside us we were able, again  to listening to a bird song, mixed with the buzz of the city. 
Shyly we smiled, and suddenly, inside of those smiles we have found the push to conduct the Dancing Souls into the present of our life, because we saw the material merge among the past and the present, and as in a vision, we saw the Dancing Souls, taking off their old clothes for to wear clothes more suitable at the morden days, and while they were wearing them, slowly they disappeared.
We didn’t know yet, that we will would never see them no more.
But we knew, by now, we were one only thing.”



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