Throwing away

The air from the lungs, and you are her close to me. I can hear you whisper me: “I know what’s in your head, and i feel your hand are wrapping my belly and they sliding toward my hips. I hold back the breathe. I feel your closiness closer than ever. 
Our connection and our little eletric shocks that going trought our bodies, and the tangle we have inside in the stomach. It’s there is born Our Parallel World.
Everything around us is chocking us. I inhale air, and i try to swallow, but i can’t. 
You are next to me, and your are looking at me with that glance, and million of emotions are shaking me. 
In your eyes, i can see your desire to let me know something profound among us. 
Here i seeing Gebo and i feel the thin thread between us is getting grow always more.
Slowly your hands on my hips are making me move slow. In our apartment you have started to make me dance, while so slowly our bodies are approaching one another. It’s a ipnotic dance. Your hands are sweetly touching me, and i looking at them, and delicately i start to lift my face. First i stop toward your half naked chest, then your hand taking my face in silky way and our  eyes meet. 
In silence, we smiling, and in that glance, our tangle increase. 
We contiuning to dance. You moving my hips, and i suppport myself, keeping my hands on your chest. We want that this dance is endless.
Our breathes are merging one in another.
Very slow, your lips approaching to mine, i leave ajar the mouth and i welcome your mouth on mine.
An endless kiss is wrapping us in its sweetness, and i continue to feel your hands on my hips and you tight me more toward you, while your shirt is slow falling over your arms.
We are continuing to dance kissing us.
Finally skin to skin, lips to lips, hands in hands, fingers crossed. and this magical atmosphere around us, and our slow dance.


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