“In that room” -~19~

Everything has restarted taking life again. Even the devoid of color walls, if you paying attention, seemed you, they having a color. But they were just our emotions that were expanding.
We were in silence, among still past and present. We wanted make flows these sensations slowest possible. Our breathes were the only things that marking the time.
The buzz of the city, slowly was fading and magically we were capable to hear the real sound of the nature: birds sings, the soft wind that was caressing the leafs of the few tree that surrounding that building and the warmth of that unique ray of the sun that was entering in the room breaking it in two and us were there, surprising ourselves of all that, while our hearts beating always  at unison.
We were lay on the backrest of the bed, and we were seeing that ray of sun that slowly, it was mixed with the entire room, and just when the ray of the sun had covered almost the room, we would have understood, that it would been like in the creaked house: part of the bed would been in shadow, and that thin thread would been the real fusion among us and the dancing souls.  
In that exact point, we would have felt the merge, and then, little by little, the passage among the present and the future. 
Soflty, and delicately, but at the same instants rapid and painful, like a syringe puncture, we had feel flowing inside us, something like an explosion, that slowly, it was openning us our minds. 
Under form of a light white smoke, we saw in front of us, the dancing souls, who were staring us at. A thrill along the back has acrossed us.
We didn’t know what to do. Our hearts were going crazy, and that flowing in our minds, was scrambling us from inside. We were paralized, but the only thing we have could do has been made slide our hands on the white bedsheets, one close to another, and cross our fingers.
The Dancing Souls, under their soft and light form, had awaited for that moment.
Everything had to happen with spontaneous. 
It was must had to be a continuos flowing among our bodies.
We remained breatheless for long time. 
The witch looking me at slowly nodding me and the stranger was doing the same with you.
Then, she has put her finger on her nose and on her mouth, as if she wanted say us “Shhh”, and suddenly everything around us, inside us got calmed itself, and without realizing, we have closed the eyes at the same instant, and sweetly and slowly, we inhaled air and with the same softness we have threw it out from the lungs.
During that simple and natural gesture, that thrill along the back it was extended along the body, and it wasn’t a chill thrill no more. Now it was a slow warmth that arriving till inside our heads.
We didn’t had break away our hand, and our fingers were always tightening.
We didn’t still  have opened the eyes, but we had whispered our names. It has been like a primordial necessity, and at their listen, delicately we had tighted the hands, to confirm, we were one by side another.
Slowly we have opened the eyes, and the Dancing Souls were disappeared, but some tracks of them was still in the air. The soft and light smoke was fading surrounding us, and the latest tracks was still entering in us.
Slowly, that suspended atmosphere was leaving us, and even the buzz of that little quartier was returning to deafening us.”


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