Here alone

Your closiness is more tangible and your embrace is more sweet. The punch in the stomach making itself hear and our little eletric shocks pervading us our minds like a thunderstom and our bodies are starting to  shake. 
You are looking me at in that way and i can only blush. Slowly my fingers are starting to shake on this keyboard.
Tonight has been one of the most intese instants we have lived together, and i know you was close to me, because i felt you closer than ever. Also in these little moments our minds are connect and we feel us one next by side another, and our spiral make us feel united, also we are far. 
Inside that spiral, we spinning, like a sensual dance. Our bodies touching. Our hands are softly touching the faces,  and the eyes doesn’t wants break away one from another.
I feel your whispers, while your hands along my body and they stop on my hips. 
You tight me toward your chest, and i hold back the breathe. 
You take my hands and you starts to make me dance, while your lips approaching to mine.
MIlions of confetti exploding around us, while our bodies are merging one with another, and slowly we taking the flight toward Our Parallel World, to remain there, naked, and merge one in another.



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