“While we” – ~18~

Had breakfast, our minds going to everything we had said to Philip few instants earlier. 
It seemed we had emptied the bag of something of very heavy, also for both.
You was looking at me so seriously that at a certain point, i have leaned the spoon on the table and i asked in a sigh:”Hey, what’s up?”. 
You didn’t replied soon, but you continued me to stare at, dived in your thoughts, just a little soft touch of my  skin on your hand, has awaken you from what you was seeing: Me.
You have had a jolt, but have smiled me, and delicately, you have tightned the hand that was caressing you, and have said:”You have the power to enchant every persons you meet.
You have enchanted Philip, you have witched me in the past, and your are enchanting me, once again in this life. If i wasn’t entered in this bar, i’d still looking for you.”
What you was saying, seemed come out from your more hid side of your soul, it seemed, almost, you was speaking, without realizing. 
While, you made let out every your thoughts, i was staring you, without to capable to do nothing. Your words were like a swollen river, and i was surrounded by that words, like in a spiral, and slowly your glance was piercing me the soul.
We were still shocked by what we had find in that library, and our dancing souls were lived for real, and  were us.
From behind the wood curtain, Philip was looking at us, and he was checking that nobody haven’t to must disturb us.
Our hands were tightening strong, and we hadn’t know what to do. 
The buzz of the local was become, always more loud, and we had need to stay in a place more peaceful. 
Despite, your apartment was close to the bar, it wasn’t enough closer, and up the bar, there was a little room that could hosting us. But in that fragment i had forget the bag with the keys inside. Our hearts wanted explode at unison, and we wanted to hear them.
I made a little nod to Philip, who ran immediately to us, even if he was serving a client at the counter, leaving him to Barb. “Yes, honey!?” I shy smiled him, and i in sigh i explained him the situation, and without add other words, he said us: “Go back immediately” and he went behind the counter, in the darkest part, where on the wall close to the restrooms, there was a panel with all kind of keys and he has taken a keychain and he brought it us, saying me:”You will give it me back, next time”. They were the copy of the keys of my little room. 
For the very first time, we hadn’t come out from the bar, to enter in the building where was my little devoid color apartment.
I’ve conducted you across the long aisles, with pipes and water vapor that it came out everywhere, to finish in front another door that was entering in another entrance with an elevator. 
“Second floor”, i have whispered, and you have pushed the button. 
Enter in that elevator, it seemed, always, to enter in a fridge. Those four walls, were always cold, and they riflected your silhouette in a blurry way. We didn’t talked in elevator, but we have just looked at us. 
Came out, we have acrossed the long aisle with the green carpet, till to reach my door.
We entered, without say us nothing, and delicately you have stretched your hand toward mine. Ours hearts were about to crazy. You was looking at you around, and while you have noticed the bed in the middle of that little room, you have sighed:”It’s just like i’ve imagined it in my dream, when we have done love” and delicately you taken my hips and sweetly you have leaned me on the bed, and then you have did the same. 
Slowly we approached one another.
We had need to remain, so. Don’t adding anything else, we remained in that way, till our hearts were exploded and they were merging one in another.


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