I’m throwing away

Air from the lungs from i saw it, and now i feeling your arms are wrapping me more and i need always more of your whispers that tranquilize me. Our connection is growing each day passing by, and it become always more a real thing. 
My heart is beating like a hammer and it doesn’t want stop, and my head is receiving your eletric shocks and slowly are entering inside me, make me feel the tangle always more tangled. 
Your eyes are staring me at, and i’m throwing away air from the lungs, but it’s impossible to don’t go crazy. Something inside me, is chocking me and i know that’s you, with our connection. 
I feel your arms wrapping my belly, and your breathe is entering inside me
This is the umpteenth proof that among us, has happened something magical.
I’m thinking of you more in these instants, and now, even if you are sleeping, i know, something is making you think a bit me.
Maybe i’m go crazy, but i’m sure i’m not. 
Our Parallel World is exists for real, and our sweet connection is that proof that everythig was born from that dream. 
Our hearts are beating hard, and we can feel them, despite we are so far.
I feel your arms enveloping my belly and i tightening them hard.
I’m holding you.
Stay with me. Let’s throw away the air from the lungs, we feel our eleric shocks crossing our minds.
Let explode our hearts at the same time.


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