“We remained” -~17~

Stunned as much as Philip, as soon we have heardt the words were coming out from my mouth.
I still tightened his hand in mine. I saw him, he was starting to shaking. 
It was impressive to see a big man like him, who was shaking, and you was looking for the right words to explain him everything, and little by little even this time, you have succeded, and slowly you have started to tell what till now, for us, it has been a crazyness.
“We wanted discover if everything this was a real thing, or not. And when we had saw the perfect sketch of me in that old book, we had know that we didn’t go crazy.” i added to the end, always holding the greasy hands of Philip.
His heart got calm, and now, even in his mind were growing some questions, and without that he made them to us, i replied him at the main one, throwing away the air from the lungs:”And yes, we were in the past, during the period that it seemed you the time stopped. We made relive the Dancing Souls lives”, i sighed.
“…Dancing Souls?” he looking at me a bit confuse.
You was about to talk, but when you have saw my sweet glance toward Philip, you have left me continue, and you have tightened the other hand under the table, and i done the same.
“Rembember the block-out of that evening, in which you had to turn on the candles?… it has been that evening we saw them for the first time. We had seen them floating in the candles, they seemed two dancing souls…”
The face of Philip was taking again a bit of colour, and slowly he was starting to breath again.
He still looking at us dazed, but he was metabolizing still everything, but slowly on his face was being born a smile, and delicately he tighened me my hand, and has directed his glance toward you, and he taken your hand. “Since she entered in this bar, asking me if i knew someone to rent her a room, i knew she has something of special. She told me her story, and immediately, she entered in my heart” It seemed, he was opening his heart to someone, for the very fisrt time, and my heart was about to explode, and i was in front of him, but he was talking to you, only  to you, and it seemed he didn’t care i was next to you, but while he was talking, he tightening my hand always more.
“Philip…” i sighed, and he looked at me, sweetly smiling me. Then he continued looking at you:”Then,  when you entered in this bar, something of real magical, has happened. Immediately i have noticed your shy glances. And your slow approach… each evening i was audience of that magical reunion and i never figured that…”
Our smiles, glances were met one with another and we threw away the air from lungs at the same instants, and Philip was looking at us sweetly.
“What we have discovered in the library, has shocked us too” you said him, adding :”Not even us, didn’t wanted belived it, and…” Philip looked at you with wide eye open and he assured us that he wouldn’t have spoken about it with nobody, laughing he said us “They would take me for a crazy.” Of Philip we could trust. 
We tightened the hands under the table, and we were looked at us, holding back the breathe, then we smiled at Philip, who still looking at us tenderly, and then as if he was awakening himself from a dream, asked us if we wanted something to eat.
After all, that morning we hadn’t have breakfast yet. 
We had a bit hungry. We have nodded.”


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