From when i have

Opened the eyes i feeling your arms surrounding my belly, and your closinbess is the only  sensation that make me feel good.
Your arms are so sweet, and your embrace soft, and i can feel your breathe that wrapping me. You don’t know how much i desire stay so, among your arms, listening to your soft breathe,  and feel your perfume that inebrate me. 
My heart go crazy of joy, and im biting my lips,  because, despite our real distance you are close to me and your arms are tightening my belly hard. 
Our connection is strong. 
Sweetly our glances meet and i dive myself in your two little oceans, and everything around us expand itself, and Our Parallel World is raising up, and everything become more beautiful. More magical, and our tangle in the stomach merging one with another.
I Just can throwing away the air from the lungs just looking at you.
Slowly, you let me slide the hand in your shirt, while you lift up my face and your lips are approaching to me. Delicatly you lean them on my mouth, while you tightening my hips, whispering my name. 
I can feel you have sighed it.
You alone in your bedroom as me. Delicately our minds get connect.
We are speaking each other. We feeling our hearts beats at unison
We throwing away air from the lungs, for don’t crazy.
We sighing our names.We feel us closer than ever.


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