“We could feel” – ~16~

The excitement go across trought our bodies, when we had go acrossed the main entrance of the library, and we had could hear, also, the lady in red, was chasing us, who had recognized me  as the witch in that old book, and wanted stop me.
But in front of the stairs, you have taken me among your arms, and you have ran fastyer than you could.
We had discovered, what we had need, and now we could return in our little part of the world where nothing happening, and that’s we wanted.
As soon we have saw the banner of the bar, we knew, that we were at home, and delicately you have leaned me on the floor and sweetly you have taken my the hand, and  we have continued to walk toward that out of fashion bar, where we had found out our magic.
Our hearts still beating hard, but they would have beat hard till we would  have find a peaceful place, and only in that bar we would have find it. There at the bottom of the local, at my table.
We looked at us just one second before to enter, and you tightening my hips, and i held the breathe and we entered.
There were no many people at the tables, but several at the counter, who were drinking, or reading the newspaper in awaiting fo to go to work.
Slowly, we reached the table with the little hole. We didn’t sat down, one in front of the other, but one close another, and we have given the back to the entrance, and that wood curtain behind us, was perfect. Nobody could disturb us, and we were alone in the middle of the people.
As if we had to hide our emotions, we taken our hands under the table, and we have tightened them and our eyes didn’t wanted break away one from another. 
Delicately, your lips approached to mine and you given me one of the most soft, passionate and magic kiss, and we have taken the flight, while, unconsciously, i held again your shirt.
We have closed the eyes, and we had left go away almost every emotions, when all this magic has been break away from a cough of Philip, who really didn’t wanted disturb us, but his, curiosity to know what we had discovered in the library, it has been bigger than anything else.
In a hurry we recomposed ourselves., but Philip has tranquilized us:”Don’t worry nobody has saw you, and however you are very beautiful together, and i never seen Daria, so happy and… really in love with someone like you” We looked at us, and we tightened the hands. 
“So, guys, what did you have find in the library? Something interesting?”
I looked at Philip, then you and you have nodded.
I threw away the air from the lungs, and i have started to tell him everything. I belived to say him everything from the begin of the story of the Dancing Souls, instead he stunned me, leaving us speechless. “Since i was child” – he started -” It was the story i loved more… yes The Witch and the Stranger… when i had to go to sleep, i asking my mother to tell me always their story…I know in the library, there is a book that tell their story, with also some drawing: it’s what some people have told me, but i’m not a kind of person who go to in a library to leaf some old and dusty pages…”
Our hands were under the table and they tightening. 
We weren’t able to speak no more. 
“Is it what you have discovered? It’s a beautiful romance, in a dark period of the story.” he said. “It’s enough famous as story, and their disappereance, it’s still wrapped in the mistery.”
I was about to chok, and you was looking at me in silence. 
My facial expressions were rapidly changing, and Philip was noticing that, and immediately, he asked me “What’s wrong, honey?”. 
“If i tell you that we are us them, do you would believe it?” For the first thing, he has started to laugh, then his face became pale, because our faces were remained serious, and i have softly nodded. 
He fallen on the circular bench in front of us breathless while he was looking at us, as if we were become two strangers. I have tightened his greasy hands in mine, and for a long instant, we remained, so. Suspended.”


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