So, that’s

True. When i feel the tangle inside my stomach, you are coming next to me, and slowly you are enveloping my belly with your arms, and in your own way, you let me know that you read, each thing i write in this open diary, even my little reply at what i saw.
Now my heart is beating hard since i woke, because i felt our connection stronger than ever, and slowly i feel even your perfume is surrounding me.
Our little eletric shocks are incresing in these instants that i’m writing to you and my tangle inside the stomach is chock me, and i know that’s our magical connection that is crossing our minds, despite our real distance. 
My soul is looking for to don’t shake, but fingers has started to shake.
I looking for to hold back the emotions: it’s hard, when i can feel your closiness inside the mind and the stomach is scrambling like an egg. 
I’m throwing the air from the air: it’s the only thing i can feel for to don’t go crazy, but when i thought you have could read that little reply, well my heart explode in million pieces, and i feel your hands on my belly.
You in my mind, in my soul, and our connection growing faster than ever, and i adore this big sensation that is rising up inside me, and i know, it’s rising up, even inside you
Our connection is the most magical thing that has happened in my life.


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