“My heart is jumped” – ~14~

Out from my body, when i saw that portrait in those old pages. 
Was it possible that was really me? You have seen my reaction and you have understood that i was shocked.
In those flames we just seen only a silhouettes of the dancing souls, and till now we belived that we were been under a sort of enchantement, and we had believed that the inhabitants of the village seeing The Witch and the Stranger under their real appareances. 
But that one, that they were seeing, were us in flesh and bones 
This made me go crazy. I stared you without breathe, and you approached to me, wrapping me in your arms. 
Delicately you have accompanied me again to sit on that comfortable old chair.
Even you, sat down on the footrest in front of me.
“I believed….that…” i sighed, tightening your hand in mine. 
My heart could explode in any time, and you was there in front of me, looking for to calm me. And little by little you were succeded. 
I was looking at you, and slowly, everything was taking a sense, and after a bit, everything it got calm itself in my mind. 
You didn’t want make me noticed, but even you was shocked. 
Also you, has believed we were under a sort of enchantement, instead it wasn’t.
We had to take a long breathe, and little by little, we were fallen in a silence, in which many questions were rised up, but none of these would have the answers that we would have want hear.
Slowly, we dived ourselves in that atmosphere, in that ambient, almost floating, among past and present, in which was reigning a silent in which it could to hear the screams of the inhabitants of the village and the buzz of the cars merging one in another.
Our heads were making themselves still those questions. At this point, useless questions.
Now, what we had need, was our breathe, our glances, our hands, and it if was possible, also by little rustles of our clothes, for made us feel more normal.
You got up and have strecthed your hand toward me, and without know, where you wanted take me, i taken it.
You have tightened me by the hips, and for and endless minute, we remained one in front another, then in a whisper you have said “Let’s sit down there”.
By side the  old chair, there was a long couch recovered of by green velvet.
Silently, we sat down on it, and you have tightened me among your arms, and i leaned the head on your chest, and slowly i closed the eyes while i was touching your shirt. The flap in my hand reminded me that dream we had done, before to fall in the past. And more i had the flap among the fingers, more the hand sliding inside of  the shirt.
We looked at us, for a moment. We knew, in that glance, there was all our desire that was growing up around us, and you knew also, i was ready to dispel even each last questions we had, making love, also on that floor of the library, in front of that book that was telling our past story.
I tightened that flap of your shirt, almost i wanted to snatch it from you.
Slowly i have unfastened your pants and i inserting my hand in the middle of your legs, while i was opening mine, and your fingers were, delicately, sliding inside me. 
While my moaning were filling the room, and they were becoming more audible, and your desire was growing between my hand you have  moaned:”We should go away from here!”
But now it was impossibile, and i wanted to live those moments of crazyness just there.
Taken by the passion, you have leaned me on the floor, and with roughness you have lifted the dress till the hips,  you have snatched my briefs and you have continued to play with your fingers inside me.
Your continue kisses has covered my moaning, while i tightening the shirt that, with a perfect rhythm, touching my hips, that it has thrilled me always more, and when i was been ready to welcome you inside, you did it. 
When we exploded together, we remained breathless.
In a hurry we dressed ourselves and, almost running we have left the library, and the lady in red had a jolt. She had recognized me. “She’s the Witch!” she sighed.”


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