You are always

More present in my head, in my stomach and everything is spinning around our emotions, that slowly, are enveloping us in Our Parallel World, that is becoming more magical than usual.
Delicately i feel your hands wrapping me and our eletric shocks are coming. I feel them inside raising up, like a warmth sesation. 
My fingers are shaking. 
Tonight i shaked the Runes and Gebo is always present. Something will want it say. We know what its meaning. I throw away the air from the lungs, while i can feel your delicate touch along my hips, till to stop at my belly. It’s here my tangle is becoming stronger, and your hands are tightening me.
Sweetly i spin toward you, you are tightening me against your chest. Our hearts are touching, they are beating at unison. 
Our eyes dive themselves one in another, and my hand slides inside the shirt.
Your lips are approaching to mine, and you whispering my name, and i do the same. 
With our names inside, our breathes are merging, and create and magical spiral, in which we are pushing us in the middle, and slowly we go crazy. 
This emotion enveloping us, and we remain so, one in front another, enchanted by what our feelings are creating, despite we are far one from another.
We staring us, touching us… whispering us, soflt words that only our souls can perceive.
Just only our hearts running fast. 
I close the eyes and i can feel your hands on my hips. I hold back the breathe.
We are in Our Parallel World, and there everything is so magical, and our closiness become real, more real than we can imagine.


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